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Camping Porto Sosàlinos, Orosei (Nuoro)

Porto Sosàlinos is located by the sea in the shade of a beautiful pine grove in Calaliberotto close to Sos Alinos, a village in the province of Nuoro. It is 10 km North of Orosei, about 80 km south of Olbia and 100 km from Golfo Aranci, at km 234.5 of the ss.125 state road.

When you arrive in Sardinia at one of the main ports of Olbia or Golfo Aranci, situated in Northern Sardinia, follow the signs to CAGLIARI/NUORO 4 corsie until the exit sign SINISCOLA/OROSEI. A few km before this exit you will see our big road sign. From Siniscola drive 20 Km on the road ss.125 and you will start to see our small road signs, which will lead you easily to the campsite.

If you rent a car from Alghero you must drive to SASSARI following the sign SASSARI 4 CORSIE until Nuoro and then follow directions for OLBIA until Orosei, where you will start seeing our road signs, which will easily bring you to the campsite.

It is very easy if you come by bus from Olbia port or Airport. You can catch the bus for OROSEI and ask the driver to drop you in Sos Alinos. Give us a ring and we will pick you up.

If you come by bus from Alghero Airport you take first the bus for Nuoro and after the bus for Orosei, from there give us a call and we will pick you up.



Olbia - 78 Km

Nuoro - 48 Km

Golfo Aranci - 100 Km

Cagliari - 235 Km

Porto Torres - 198 Km

Orosei - 8 Km

Alghero - 190 Km


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