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Sardinia is not only the island with amazing beaches and transparent water. If you want to spend one or more days of your holidays visiting the wild Supramonte countryside area, which is in the vicinity of Portos Sosalinos, you will find all necessary gear and the right people to get you there at our campsite.

The common assumption that Sardinia is devoid of water is misleading. As a matter of fact, for centuries in Supramonte water has eroded the limestone into peculiar shapes and landscapes. This kind of erosion is typical of the area, which has been made accessible in recent years by creating vertical pathways through the canyons.

The extreme variety of the landscape affords access to itineraries sometimes requiring the use of ropes and wet suits.

Canyoning is an experience not to be missed. Is difficult to explain, words cannot express the feeling of a rope-drop in the upper Gorropu gorge (2nd biggest canyon in Europe) or a 20-metre swim in the darkness of Codùla Orbisi.

There are also simpler rope-drops, which do not require a wet suit, and involve a pleasant walk with a breathtaking view of the sea. In this case Bacu Padente gorge is an ideal track.

Codùla Fuili affords a still easier but no less exciting approach on foot to this activity which offers spectacular sights and at the end, if you like, you can go for a refreshing swim in the ocean.

Our campsite organizes trips with expert guides so that you can enjoy your Canyoning trips in absolute safety and never miss the best spots!

Simply go to the reception of the camping for more information and to book your adventure in Sardinia.