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Free Climbing

If you like to keep fit during your holiday in Sardinia come and visit us, our campsite is the right place for you. Free climbing is a beautiful sport, the essence of which is a challenge to the force of gravity.

You need very little equipment for free climbing: using only hands and feet to secure your body to the rock, with the help of shoes, harness, rope and karabiner. The fantastic climate and breathtaking landscape makes Sardinia the perfect location to practise free climbing.

From the Goloritzé Needle to Monte Oddeu, from the cliffs of Plummare Cape to the Punta Cusidore mountains or the Surtana valley, vertiginous canyons and huge mountains awaiting discovery, where you can truly test your own limits or just enjoy training yourself, and take a refreshing swim in the sea when you have finished climbing!

Free climbing is not only a challenge for experts. In our campsite you can have a chance to try even for the first time, on simpler cliffs under the guidance of qualified and expert guides. We have a gymnasium close to the camping if you prefer training indoors. If you want to climb outdoors, the beautiful mountain faces of M.te Tuttavista in Orosei, or Cala Luna and Cala Fuili beaches are ideal if you want to taste of what a sport like free climbing can give you. Come to our campsite and give it a try!

Climbing and kite locations map